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About Novità  

Welcome to the Milan Design Map, brought to you by Novità Communications, an integrated marketing and communications agency with a global reach. Founded by Christine Abbate in 1996, Novità has grown into a pioneering agency that specializes in architecture, design, real estate, creative and culinary arts, technology, health and wellness, and sustainability. With headquarters in New York City and satellite offices across the United States, including the South, Midwest, West Coast, and New England, Novità has built a robust client list and developed genuine relationships with clients, media, influencers, decision makers, and industry peers.

Novità 25th anniversary poster


The Milan Design Map is the brainchild of Rob Reuland and Arlene Di Tacchio, two passionate individuals with an extensive knowledge of Milan's design scene. Having both spent significant time in Milan, Rob and Arlene have gained invaluable insights into the city's rich design heritage and vibrant culture, developing a deep understanding of the city's unique design aesthetic and creative pulse.

Explore with us

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey as we explore the world of Milan design together. We look forward to connecting with you, our valued audience, and fostering meaningful relationships with design professionals, enthusiasts, and the Milan community.

Entrance of Novità Communications office in Tribeca, Manhattan
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